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Re: Digital cameras

Another sub-$300 digital camera to consider would be the Koday DC215. It
rates very high with some commentators.  My advice would be to somehow get
your hands on each camera you are considering.  Buy the one that feels best
in your hands and seems to have the features that will make your work easier.

If you are doing any type of serious work then you will need picture
processing softwar too, photoshop is king, but MS is giving away their photo
processing software with Frontpage. So, if you need web software you can save
some money there.

I do not yet own a digital camera but have been chomping-on-the-bit to get
one.  One of the key considerations for me is the ability to take good
closeup pictures. The clear winner in that catagory is the Nikon Cool Pix 950
and the new 990.  The 990 looks really good, but at $1000 it should.  The
Cool Pix 950, available for around $750 now, looks like a bargain.

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