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Re: Digital cameras

The Nikon 950 is now selling for $496 on some websites. Use Shopper.com to
find where.

The problem with pictures that look ok on the screen and not printed has to
do with resolution. Some people try to "eeek" out extra pictures on a card by
taking them at less than the highest resolution. If you want to print it,
take it at the highest resolution possible. If you want web, you may be able
to get away with less. But why?

The Olympus 340R at it's current price is a steal.

Anything with 1 mega pixel is going to be 4X6 printed at best (at highest
resolution), 2 mega pixels may get to 5X7.

Don't get confused by optical resolution and digital (interpolated)
resolution. You want it to be optical (through the lens, not filled in by the
computer in the camera)

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