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Corrections to WOID review

Some corrections and comments regarding Paul T. Werner's review of my =
James Castle show currently at AIGA in New York City:

--The correct title of the exhibition is "Reputedly Illiterate:  The Art =
Books of James Castle."  (Castle's drawings may be seen at an exhibit =
currently at The Drawing Center in SoHo.)
--Artifacts in the exhibit are interspersed with Castle books and are =
presented sequentially, to show how Castle made his books (sharpening =
twigs and sticks for pens, making soot and saliva ink, finding papers for =
covers and text blocks, etc.)
Other artifacts--a branding iron or bottle, for instances--are placed in =
cases which contain books with Castle letterforms (letterforms influenced =
by western cattle brands) or which contain drawings of the artifact =
--The matchbook book the WOID reviewer suggests is not an artwork =
(apparently because its contents are not shown?) is a miniature calendar =
book.  Its cover (with the name JIM imprinted on it) is shown to indicate =
Castle recognized his own name; other books in the the display case which =
contains the matchbook book illustrate Castle printed and wrote his name =
(and other words and phrases).=20
--The exhibit does not suggest that Castle was "crazy"; however, people =
believed him illiterate.  The exhibit suggests the autodidact was a genius =
at communicating in visual modes other than writing.  Although he could =
read and write.
--The reviewer makes what he calls "irrelevant" remarks to the effect that =
there might not have been a James Castle who did not create the remarkable =
books on exhibition at AIGA (hinting that some of the books on display are =
fraudulent--"the newsprint in this show is remarkably well preserved").  =
Such remarks reveal the reviewer spent as much time studying the 100 books =
in the exhibition as he advises visiting it:  a half-hour.

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