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Update (invitation); e-Books; Position Available: CBA Director

Reports of my disappearance are only mildly exaggerated.

I've just removed 15 years of edited graffiti, which were camouflaging my
storefront bindery and gallery window at 15 Bleecker Street (where I started
the Center for Book Arts in 1974).

The problem with a clean window is a huge influx of business. The yuppies
have replaced the horizontal crowd on Bleecker and Bowery. I've been working
on many binding and book projects, as well as website design (binding pages
with html). The gallery shows book art, of course, as well as painting,
sculpture, and book artifacts of all periods. The store window faces south,
so I only show book art works for a few days at a time and rotate from my
collection. Recent displays have included Hedi Kyle, Barton Lidice Benes,
Ric Haynes, Pamela Spitzmueller, and other of your favorite artists and
Book_Arts-L denizens.

I'm looking to buy old book covers, which I recycle into new books. If you
have any nice ones please e-mail me offlist (richard@minsky.com). Early
boards are best (in pairs), preferably wood with blind-tooled calf, bosses
and clasps (like antiphonaries). But I'll be glad to look at anything
interesting. Send me a jpeg if possible.

Yesterday I finished the prototype binding for BRANCHES, a novel length
poem. The publisher commissioned a limited edition (100 copies) binding.
Each copy is shot with a 9mm pistol <http://minsky.com/branches.htm>.

I bought 25 additional copies of the book, and am issuing it as The Fifth
Amendment in my Bill of Rights series

There will be a reception for this edition at my gallery on May 24 from 5-7
pm, to which you are invited. Please RSVP by e-mail (branches@minsky.com) if
you plan to attend and let me know how many people will be in your party.

Regarding the discussion of e-books: There was a series on the subject this
week in The Washington Post, which also included a short history of the book
as object, from caves, tablets, and scrolls to ebooks:

The Center For Book Arts is searching for a new Executive Director. Salary
is 40-50K depending on experience. The Center bought a 5,000 sq. ft. floor
at 28 West 27th St. in Manhattan last year, is poised for a strong period of
development with a supportive Board of Directors, and seeks leadership with
a knowledge of the field of contemporary and historical book art. An ability
to formulate and execute a compelling vision is essential. The successful
candidate will be able to attract and retain enthusiastic personnel, and has
already earned the respect of artists, craftspeople and professionals in the
book arts community. Experience managing a small hands-on organization,
writing grant proposals, and a dedication to advancing the art of the book
are essential. This is not an official announcement from the CBA Board. I am
assisting the Board in their search, and feel that the right person may be
reading this message. Please email me if you are interested or know of
someone (cba@minsky.com).


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