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Re: Digital cameras

> [ Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 7:43 AM ]
> quoth: Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord <skgaylord@MAKINGBOOKS.COM>

>I am in the market for a digital camera. Price range- under $300.
>The two I've been looking at are Epson PhotoPC 650 and Olympus D-360
>Zoom. Does anyone have any experience with those cameras or general
>guidelines of what to look for?

Check out these two sites, in the following order.

This site is very good, well-organized, unbiased, thorough. Lots of information, but not overwhelming.


        In particular, you may want to start here:


Digital Photography Review
Lots of hands-on info. Good reviews, lots of samples. Geared to the consumer and gadgeteer.


My experience
I don't have any experience w/ the cameras you mention, but I can say that most cameras today are pretty good. Cameras in the $300 range will give you good results for web use, or viewing on a computer screen or TV. If you want to print out many of your photos, you'll have to spend more $.

I have several samples on my website (URL in my .sig, below). The camera was top of the line a couple of years ago. But last spring I was able to pick it up for $400. I'm *very* pleased w/ it.

For me, I wanted something that I could take with me anywhere, had an optical viewfinder and had removeable media so I could take lots of pictures

My camera, a Fuji MX700, is about the size of a deck of cards, so fits easily in my pocket, thus, I take it everywhere. It also came w/ all the accessories that I would need to connect to my computer.

It would be best if you could get your hands on the models so you can get a feel. Does it fit comfortably in your hands? Is it easy to use?

If you, or anyone else, has any more questions, feel free to contact me off-list (as I think this is a bit OT for this list) and I will gladly help out, clarify, or ramble. ;-)>

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