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Re: Stab Binding - materials & technique

I too always make my Japanese bindings with the internal sewing and the silk
re- enforced corners. I have used silk thread, some of the wonderful colored,
waxed linen threads and braided nylon thread purchased from a bead shop. I
like the braided nylon and have never had any stretching problems with it.
The bead supply catalogs say it stretches less than other threads like cotton
or silk. Some of my students have said that their books lossened but I
personally have not had this happen as long as I do all the internal stuff
before the decorative sewing. I've also used some of the flat silk and
synthetic ribbons found in the craft or sewing stores. They are used for what
is called ribbon embroidery. They are a little fragile and can fray when
going through the holes several times as in some of the more complex sewing
patterns but have a look similar to the raffia.

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