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help with Tamil palm leaf book

I have just acquired a palm leaf book, purportedly Tamil.  Of course, I
have no way to know if it is a religious relic or a grocery shopping
list.  I would appreciate any input anyone can offer concerning this
book.  I have posted 2 pics of the book to this URL


The book is 20 leaves and two wood covers.  The string has been replaced
at some point recently.  I don't know if it is complete or if it is in
proper order.  The ink appears to have etched the palm leaf slightly.
One page has half the ink worn off but the lettering is plainly visible
in relief.

I would like to know:

Is it complete?
Is it in proper page order?
Which end is the beginning?
What is the subject?
What is the approximate age?
Since I do not intend to sell it valuation is of little importance to

If you can help I can send scans of every page.

Many thanks,

Clarke Otten

The Atlanta Vintage Book Doctor / The Long Road Press
at Atlanta Vintage Books
3660 Clairmont Rd.
Atlanta, Ga. 30341

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