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Journal papers from Atlantiuc Papers

I recently ordered Hahnemühle'sKongress paper from Atlantic papers, a short
grain machine made 70 x 100 cm laid paper that comes in 2 weights; 110 g and
120 g (I think) and white or ivory and has no watermark.  It is a LOT cheaper
than Bugra- comparable to Mohawk Superfine.  It is 100% Alpha Cellulose, which
Mohawk isn't and buffered with calcium carbonate.  Pavel at Atlantic told me
that it was designed for fountain pen ink, eliminating bleed through, a
problem that I've especially had with Mohawk.  I have an especially sloppy pen
that I hate, but I want to try it out on it and see what happens.   It does
seems that a person who pays money for a nice journal to write in is more
likely to use a fountain pen.  The longer alpha cellulose fiber gives it a
little longer fiber if you tear it, nice for decaling, as well as superior wet
strength for paste papers and better fold endurance in the Joint.  It is one
of the machine made papers that I used while an intern at the Library of Congress.

        Recently I tried Naturtext (sp?) , similar to Kongress but with a  smooth
surface and a nice ivory tone matching the 19th c botanical folio I was
treating.  Since they are short grain, I was able to make double folio
endsheets that were large enough for the book.  I think that for the money,
the quality of these papers is outstanding.  Too bad they don't make more colors.

We also tried out some of the new line of archival laser jet papers that
Hahnemühle recently made.  They are fantastic.

Jake Benson

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