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Re: ink jet printers

I'm also shopping for a home-use color printer and was just told by an
OfficeMax salesperson that a couple years ago he'd recommend Epson, but in
the past couple of months, with the new HP's coming out with RET II & III
technology, he really recommends going with HP's new models such as the
DeskJet 952C for $300 (or 1220Cse - Professional Series for $500-600? if you
want to print larger format -- 13"X19").

I'm going to try checking CNet.com to see if he was really steering me
straight, but with my 28.8 (sometimes less) connection, it takes a long time
to surf, so I'm hoping someone on the list might have something to say about

The sample printout from the HP 952C did look pretty impressive to me.
Unfortunately, the packaged software listed on the HP brochures wasn't
attractive at all.

K. Selena Kim
Bridgewater, NJ

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