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Re: bad treatment

A local fellow brought a "treasure" by for me to look at and, he hoped
authenticate and valuate.  It was supposedly a page from a commentary on
the Koran, dated 1276.  It was a single page, beautifully written with
lines matching closely front and back on a laid paper, chain lines about
every 3", part of the watermark showing.  The watermark was a pattern of a
shield with heraldly markings standing about 3 1/2".  It was in a folio of
the cheapest pink paper with fancy printing stating that it was a page from
a book found by Dr. so and so in Jeruselum, a commentary on the Koran dated
1276.  The paper looks like early 19th c. and it is more than likely from
copies of the original book.
        The kicker was that it had been stapled through the center of the
text to the hideous pink.  The staple was thin with rust.  I have seen all
manner of tapes and glue used but never a staple through the middle.

Question:  when did paper become commonly used in N. Africa?  I have the
idea that it was late 14 th c. True?

Cheers, Charlie

LaNana Creek Press
Stephen F. Austin St. University
Crazy Creek Press
Nacogdoches, TX.

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