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educational opportunities

First item:

  For those interested in the academic world of Book History, the
University of Toronto is starting a new collaborative program in book
history and print culture on the MA and PhD level.  For more info, check
out the web page:
or write to :
      Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture
       Massey College
       4 Devonshire Place
       Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5S 2E1

 Second unrelated item:  An new series out on historic dyes
   #1 The hisotry of woad and the medieval woad vat by John Edmonds
  in preparation, manuals on dying techniques from the medieval period
through the 18th century, the transition from natural to synthetic dyes
and (#7) imperial purple.
   contact Mr. Edmonds at 89 Chessfield Park, Little Chalfont, Bucks.
HP6 6RX, UK  for ordering information.

 Dorothy Africa

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