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Re: ISBN Numbers & Help

At 08:50 PM 05/10/2000 , you wrote:
>I am working on a book & I hope to make a limited edition of about 50.  I am
>in Canada.  Could someone please tell me how to apply for a Canadian ISBN
>number?  Does that cost money?

If you are anywhere in Canada except Quebec, you apply to tha National
Library in Ottawa.
They will issue your ISBN number. It does not cost anything.

>Also, do I have to give a copy of my book to the government?

Yes Canadians must supply two copies. I believe they will pay for one only.

>  How do I do this or where can I find information?

The National library in Ottawa.

However, if you are in Quebec, you must apply to the Quebec National Library
for your ISBN number. You must also supply copies to BOTH, the Quebec
National Library AND the National Library in Ottawa.

Ronald Leger

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