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Re: bad treatment

>Question:  when did paper become commonly used in N. Africa?  I have the
>idea that it was late 14 th c. True?

Sorry, but paper was known to be made in North Africa by at least the
11th century in Kairouan and Fez.

There is an interesting article, "Revolution by the Ream: A History of Paper"
in the journal, _Aramco World_ vol. 50, No.: 3, May/June, 1999, pp. 26-39.

In 1986 I published a translation of Julius Wiesner's introduction to
_Microscopic Examination of the Faijum Papers_ (orig. pub. in 1887, in
German) which discusses his technical examination of handmade paper found
in Egypt, dating from A.D. 800 - 1388.

Since it is printed on demand, a few copies are still available....

However, the paper you described is probably not what it purports to be.


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