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Re: Parchment and vellum

At 12:00 AM 5/11/00 -0400, Maria Blumberg wrote:

>I have a question for the list.  I am doing a research paper on =
>parchment and vellum.   It seems some sources say that vellum is a finer =
>form of parchment.  Others say that parchment and vellum are totally =

The answer you get will depend entirely on who you ask.  A scribe will give
you one answer, a bookbinder another, a codicologist another, etc.

'Parchment' and 'Vellum' are simply words in the English language that over
the centuries have come to mean different things to different people.
(don't get me started....)

I've written an essay on the topic, which you'll find on my website:


It includes a list of useful references.

Most of the definitions you'll find are plainly bogus.  (don't get me

Cheers, Rick C.

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