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Re: paper stained with blueberry juice

Shu-Ju Wang <shuju@FIVEBATS.COM> wrote:

>I'm doing a small drawing, and am considering staining the paper with
>blueberry juice to start.  Does anyone know the stability of blueberry
>juice?  Thanks for any information.

Based on my limited experience, and what I have read in home dyeing books,
I believe the answer to your question is 'not very' - particularly if the
paper is going to be exposed to light.

I've tried staining parchment with blueberry juice and after a few days
in the sun, it had faded noticeably.

This, unfortunately, is fairly typical of most berries.  Buckthorn is
a notable exception, but even there (at least with Rhamnus Cathartica),
the beautiful greens obtained with late season berries quickly fades to
yellow on exposure to sunlight.  The yellow component is fairly stable

Cheers, Rick C.

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