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Lettering Tour update

Friends in the book arts,

The Legacy of Letters 2000 Tour will spend 10 days in Florence and
Tuscany this fall -- September 10-20 (5-day options are also available).
The tour is structured as a combination vacation experience and study
course, under the direction of scholar/guide Michael Twyman, professor
emeritus of Reading University and specialist in the history of printing
and the book. This year's focus is to trace the change in aesthetics
from the Romanesque period through the Renaissance in central Italy as
evidenced in letterforms -- through inscriptions and manuscripts,
paintings and frescoes, sculpture and architecture.

Past participants have included professional calligraphers,
lettercutters, fine printers, book artists, graphic design educators,
librarians, trade journalists and architects. Full details on the tour
are posted on our website at:

This year's itineraries and photos of planned venues have just been
posted at:


-- Garrett Boge
   director, Legacy of Letters Tour

(Apologies if this message is redundant, as it's going out to several
book arts lists to assure that we reach our interest group.)

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