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My husband and I have quite a large library that we have acquired through
the years and I would like to rebind all of the books in leather. Now, since
we have an average income, it will take some time to do that. But, I enjoy
bookbinding and want to have a nice looking library. However, I just got
started in this hobby and I am unsure about a few things. Here are my
* I want my bindings to last as along as possible. Is it nessesary to use
completely acid free materials? It is my understanding that no matter how
"acid free" certain materials are, they are going to become acidic and
yellow with age and with  exposure to any environment.
* Is red label Davey Board the best board to use? If not what is? Is there
anything that is not  quite as expensive? Is Bristol board ok to use?
*What glue is best to use with leather?
* What kind of lining should I use for the spine? Is kraft ok or should I
invest inTyvek, backing flannel, or something of that nature?
* I have thought about making my own headbands..... is anyone else doing


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