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Correction: Foyle Collection exhibit preview starts June 28

Here's the update I just received:

   From: Nina Musinsky <nmusinsky@yahoo.com>
     To: Richard Minsky <minsky@minsky.com>

(Postscript to my previous message)

Here is the breakdown of Foyle sale sessions:

Location: Christie's London (8 King St.)

Sales :
Part I Tuesday 11th July, 10.30 am - Medieval and
Renaissance Manuscripts
Part II Tuesday 11th July, 2.30 pm  - Early Printed
Part III Wednesday 12th July, 10.30 am; 2.30 pm and
continued on Thursday 13th July from 10.30 am (morning
only) - English Literature, Manuscripts and Travel
Books (including fine library sets)

Please note that the NY preview starts on the 28th
(and not the 29th as I had written).


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