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Speckled, sprinkled, splattered, spotted

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    Months ago I had stopped my subscription to the Book Arts List
because I was going on vacation.  Upon my return I decided not to renew
that subscription because I felt I was spending too much time at the
computer and not at my bench.  Then last week I needed a source of what
I now know to be called 'German' paper.  I got back on the list and sent
out a description of what I was looking for.  In no time at all I had a
dozen responses.  I contacted the suggested vendors  and one led me to
another, who led me to another.  This morning Dan at Ureka Blankbooks
(near Holyoke, MA) shipped what I need.
    Thank you Peter, Bill M, Bill D, Terry, Jeff and anyone I may have
forgotten.  This is a great list and I am staying on this time.

Bob Muens

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tel;work:(305) 293-8881
org:Bookbinding and Conservation
adr:;;513 Fleming Street, Suite 5;Key West;Florida;33040;
fn:Bob Muens


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