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Re: arches text

<< What is the difference between Arches Text and Arches Text Wove? >>

Arches Text comes in laid or wove surface.  Arches Text Laid has a laid
surface -- with narrow horizontal "lines" and vertical chain lines spaced
further apart; Arches Text Wove has a wove surface, which is relatively

Here's what I like about them:  At 120 g/m2, they're lightweight enough to do
well as text papers in a book.  Their large size, 25" x 40", is great if
you're making accordion books.  (I think the grain is short, so you can fold
along the 40" side.)  And they can take all kinds of abuse -- wetting,
scrubbing, folding, scraping.  They're my favorite paper for paste paper.

Hope this helps.  It may be more than you wanted to know :)


Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida

E-mail:  <A HREF="mailto:Callibeth@aol.com">Callibeth@aol.com</A>
Website:  <A HREF="http://www.nettally.com/bethlee">http://www.nettally.com/be

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