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Sale on/of Paper Presses

It's really early to be announcing this but if anyone wants to check it out
and start their gift list... Their website looked pretty clear.


Below are some Comments.  They were submitted on Thursday, June 1, 19100 at

a_Name: Kim Schiedermayer

b_Email: kim@arnoldgrummer.com

c_Comments: Hi. We're trying to let people know that we'll be having a sale
on our paper presses from October 1 to December 31. We offer a discount on
the presses every third holiday season and this is the year. While we
designed them primarily for papermaking (we manufacture Arnold Grummer's
Easy Papermaking Kits & Supplies: www.arnoldgrummer.com), we've found that
book artists also like them for their art. I would appreciate any direction
you can give us to let people know about the sale. We'll be introducing our
new size (accom. 11 x 14 inch paper or books) for this event. Thanks, Kim.


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