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Re: Must be a bug in the mail (Bookbinding 2000 Report)

Has to do with mime settings on his machine or character sets. No harm in
it, just doesn't look pretty, but happens quite often with the numerous
different email systems and options out there.

For the record, it was an excellent report of what I consider the best and
most professionally done bookbinding conference ever, at least in my
lifetime in the field. Not a detail was lost, either to our hosts at RIT,
or those viewing from the back rows of a hugh lecture hall. Wonderfully
professional use of technology to allow us to concentrate on the the
details of this craft as practised at the highest level.

Well worth the read. It's in the archive for those who deleted without
reading. Those not in attendance missed something.


At 01:43 PM 6/6/00 EDT, you wrote:
>The recent post from this email address:
>belanger@VIRGINIA.EDU (Terry Belanger)
>was full of
>Does anyone know why? I deleted it anyway.
>Gandha Key

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