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Re: Book Performance

Dear Paul Werner-
The books interact with the performers in various portions of the
piece-there are about 10 segments-some only have movement, others are
carried and held by the performers. I have made some items specifically
for the piece, and others are works previously created.   The piece is
still evolving and I am still making things.  Catlin Cobb, my
collaborator, considers this to be a first draft and wants to perform it
again in the fall.

The performance  is about the relationships  we form throughout
life-parents, children, lovers, animals,  as well as the relationship we
have to the (art) work we make and the art making process.  I make books
out of clothing, of which you have been fairly dimissive in the past.  In
this piece we are using books  I have made from children's clothing-small
dresses and shirts to interact with the dancers.. The books become
doll-like,  "precious objects", as they move in the piece.   I have also
made a piece called "talis of lost prayers" a 10 foot long book, each
page hand-shaped,  itself much like an embrace that will play a part in
the work.

Unlike the wonderful performance work that Susan Share does, that is more
movement and architechturally based, the books in this piece are a
conceptual part of the performance.

At this point, that's as specific as I can be. Whether this is a piece
you would be interested in, is hard for me to tell based on your previous
 comments seen here on the list.

Miriam Schaer

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