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Re: Book Performance

I don't make work to please or get positive reviews from Paul Werner or
anyone else. I have been fortuntate to have had opportunities to show my
work in many different venues for which I am very thankful. I would hope
to be able to continue to make the work regardless of those opportunities.

This is a new direction for me. The nature of performance is
ephemerial-it only exists while it
is occuring. As someone who "makes things" this is a very different way
of thinking. Perhaps I don't have the vocabulary to describe it any other
way.  I simply wanted to post this to let those who are interested know,
which I believe it one of the great things about a list such as this one.
Many of us  have not met in person and only know each other from our
words on the list, and words being what they are, can be interpreted in a
number of ways.

For soylent greenberg and others interested,  my work is can be seen
on-line at colophon (www.colophon.com/gallery/mschaer) Two pieces
pictured on the site that will be in the performance is a piece called
"Baby Love"  and "Precious" . (found under "baby dress books") The other
pieces included in the performance were created from 1998-2000.

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