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Re: Adhesive removal

You could try, VERY GENTLY to scrape if off the back with a scalpel. You
don't want to slice it off, but just carefully scrape, avoiding scraping
off the paper surface. While this will not remove residue which is likely
to have penetrated into the paper, it will get rid of the excess. If you're
unsure, leave it alone, or if you can afford, contact a paper conservator.
Don't try anything with water or solvents. It could very quickly get out of


At 05:25 PM 6/7/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Many years ago I purchased two miniature watercolors and promptly put them
>in a drawer.  I recently took them out to frame and noticed the artist had
>put masking tape on the back to hold it to the mat.  The masking tape is
>yellowed but does remove fairly easily.  However, it is leaving a residue of
>adhesive.  Is there any safe (and easy for an amateur) way to remove the
>adhesive without ruining the painting.
>Thanks for any advice you can give me.
>Angee Cobb

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