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Designer Bookbinders Exhibition (Bookbinding 2000 / RIT conference follow-up)

Here's some follow-up on the Designer Bookbinders exhibition which was on
display in the Cary Collection at RIT (Rochester Inst. of Technology).
Those at the Bookbinding 2000 were able to marvel at the work of these fine
binders. If you weren't able to attend the conference and are near any of
the venues listed below, it's well worth the trip. The catalog is fabulous
as well.

The text below was sent to me by David Roberts, Editor Designer Bookbinders
Newsletter. Please contact him for more information. It's at the bottom of
the message.

As a society; 'devoted to the maintenance and improvement of standards of
design and craft in hand bookbinding by means of exhibitions, teaching and
publications', it could be argued that Designer Bookbinders has been more
successful in recent years at promoting just two out of three of these
aims. Certainly there have been exhibitions over the years, but,
discussions at Fellows meetings more recently have expressed the dismay at
the lack of a major international travelling exhibition, that would
hopefully inspire others to the ideals expressed above, and promote British
Bookbinding to a wider audience. In fact, it is almost thirty years since
such an exhibition was last held by Designer Bookbinders.
This is soon to be remedied.  The eight venue, eighteen month exhibition
tour of North America is about to start at the Rochester 2000 Conference,
and continues to the cities listed below. There will be forty-seven
bindings on show, of great diversity and the highest quality, by twenty
four Fellows and Licentiates.
A full colour catalogue has been published, reproducing every binding, with
a statement by each of the binders. Also included is an overview of British
attitudes towards making the hand bound book, written by Philip Smith.  The
catalogue will be available for sale from 1 June 2000 to members and
non-members; details are listed in the enclosed flyer (with the newsletter).
Exhibiting work of high quality and integrity was the founding ideal of
Designer Bookbinders. It is hoped that this is the start of an 'exhibition
drive' that will take in other venues in the future, and emphasise that
British Bookbinding is still at the forefront of the art and craft of the
hand made book.

Dates for the Designer Bookbinders  North American  exhibition 2000-2001

1 - 25 June 2000 Designer Bookbinders in North American exhibition at The
Cary Library, Rochester, Institute of Technology New York State

1 - 31 July 2000 Designer Bookbinders in North American exhibition at
Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts

6 August - 11 September 2000 Designer Bookbinders in North American
exhibition at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis

1 September - 25 October 2000 Designer Bookbinders in North American
exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

6 November - 15 December 2000 Designer Bookbinders in North American
exhibition at The Gleeson Library, University of San Franciso, California

8 January - 20 February 2001 Designer Bookbinders in North American
exhibition at The Perry-Castaneda Library, University of Texas at Austin, Texas

19 March - 18 August 2001 Designer Bookbinders in North American exhibition
at The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC

11 September - 27 October 2001 Designer Bookbinders in North American
exhibition at The Fisher Library, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario,

Designer Bookbinders in North America catalogue         $20/12
Editor Designer Bookbinders Newsletter
David Roberts
44 Heaton Road

Email: DBNLeditor@designerbookbinders.org.uk

Coming soon: http://www.designerbookbinders.org.uk

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Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen
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