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Re: Adhesive removal

I wonder if the eraser type square sold to pick up rubber cement
might work to pick up this adhesive?    I have had great luck with
removing decorative papers that are put  in place with the adhesive
transfer type adhesive with a product called Undu, available at
WalMart.  If you are looking for it, you will probably have to search
the store yourself, as they don't always know they carry it.  Some
adhesives can be removed by gentle heat from a hair dryer.  In this
case, I wonder if you might try to see if the recalcitrant adhesive
could be picked up by a fresh piece of masking tape.   I also
recently purchased an electric eraser  for removing smudges/marks on
watercolor paper.   An instructor I had said it would remve less of
the paper's finish.  Remember these are experimental suggestions and
I am no conservator either.
Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity

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