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Call for Entries

Dear Book Artists,

I recently subscribed to this list because I am writing and editing a book
for Lark Books, a publisher of craft books, called The Ultimate Journal.

In a nutshell, The Ultimate Journal is all about visual-verbal journals.
I've commissioned 4 book artists to collaborate with people who journal and
together they came up with designs that best suit their journaling needs,
whether they write about travel, gardening, yoga, or their dreams. Some
journals have books-within-books, others have unusual page structures,
pockets, a mix of different-function papers, such as vellum, water media,
etc. The journals have been created already and are on their way to the
journallers, who'll use them for a time before sending them to us for

For the gallery section of the book, book artists are invited to submit 2-3
slides of each journal (the cover and a couple of open-page spreads), to a
maximum of 3 journals total. Used or new books are fine, as long as the
elements reflect a practical approach to the needs of the visual-verbal

Please contact me for the Gallery Submission Forms.


Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott
Lark Books
50 College Street
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Tel: (828) 253-0467 x312
Fax: (828) 253-7952
e-mail: suzanne@larkbooks.com


Littera Scripta Manet. Volat Irrevocabili Verbum.
The written word remains. The spoken word takes wing and cannot be

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