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Announcement: Walk -- Books destroyed

Recently, work has precluded me reading many recent Book Arts postings. So
if this has already been mentioned, my apologies.

On June 18, Sacramento (California) will have it's first annual Walk for
Unity in honor of the late Mayor Joe Serna and commemorating the first
anniversary of the three synagogues burned in our city.

What is significant for book artists is that this horrible hate crime
included nearly one million dollars worth of damage -- most of it to the
B'nai Israel library where 5,000 books were destroyed, including rare hand
bound and hand written volumes hundreds of years old.

For those of you interested in the damage to the library, please see this
site.  http://www.sacbee.com/news/special/arson/culture.html

Any who are interested in participating in the walk or would like to
participate in other ways to help rebuild the library, please visit these


Thanks so much,

Karen Watson

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