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Hi from a Newbie

Good afternoon -

I have just subscribed, so I thought I'd introduce myself briefly. I also
have a question right off the bat.

I am a calligrapher now and then in my spare time, have been involved in
that art in varying degrees for 35 years. I have done a little book-making
now and then and will probably do more, so I'm glad I was prompted to
subscribe after doing a web search on paste paper. I work for a museum /
historical site as Collections Manager in real life.

My question is this: Does any of you know anything about the history of
paste paper? How old it is, and where and when it has been used in the
past? I have been asked to do a demonstration at our Revolutionary War-era
site, and I thought that paste paper would be easy to do and would appeal
to children and adults alike, but if it wasn't invented until 1893 I'm up a
creek. I could do copperplate writing, but somehow working with quill pens
and trying to teach such an exacting skill to a mixed audience is not
attractive to me.

Any help you could give will be much appreciated.
Anne T. Lane, Registrar
Museum of York County
4621 Mount Gallant Road,
Rock Hill, SC 29732-9905
803-329-2121, ext. 104
FAX 803-329-5249

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