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About Paste Papers

Dear Anne,
You're not up a creek!  Check out Anne Chambers' "A Guide to Making
Decorated Papers", an excellent source for how to's as well as historical
overviews.  According to Chambers, among the Moravians in Herrnhut, Germany,
a group of women ("celibate sisters," she calls them) made paste papers in
large quantity.  As the Moravian sect was founded in 1722, and else where in
the book Chambers presents a color copy of a paper from "an eighteenth
century farm account-book cover," I think it's safe to assume that you'd be
on the mark making paste papers with your group.

Also, you might consider vinegar paste papers, as these were made at home by
colonists in America well before the Revolutionary War and used as wall
paper.  Chambers covers a wide variety of decorated papers in her book,
including batik, orizomegami, stenciling, marbling, block printing and
paste.  The ISBN number is 0-500-27562-9.

By the way, Earth Guild here in Asheville has an 800 number and offers a
whole bunch of books on papermaking, decorative papers and book arts.  Good

Susan Lightcap
Vessels of the Spirit
Asheville, NC

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