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Re: Hi from a Newbie

In "Papier & Karton" by Walter Diem he says: (following is my own

Paste-papers have been known since the 17th century, they were very popular
in the 18th century, especially when papers from Herrnhut became popular.
Herrnhut is a small town in Saxony/Germany where the Herrnhuter community
had settled. They were famous for their decorated fabric, and in 1764 they
established a paste-paper manufacture. The colours for the paste-papers
were in part produced by cooking fabric-scraps.
For about 60 years wonderful papers were produced, although colours were
limited to red, indigo and green - the characteristic element was a
multitude of very exact patterns.

In the book there is a B/W photograph of a typical "Herrnhuter" paste-paper
from about 1770 and the pattern shown looks almost like brocade-fabric.


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