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Re: Papyrus in Laser printer

The only suggestion I can give for putting non-laser paper through a laser is
to use the highest resolution print path to obtain the slowest possible
speed.  For example: normally, I print my LJ 4000 is the econo hi-res mode to
obtain the fastest print speed, but, when I print the covers that are a heavy
gloss cover paper I print in the 1200dpi mode that is half as fast. The
longer time seems to give the toner a  better chance of sticking to the
paper. If I run the glossy cover in econo mode the toner can be rubbed off.
And, that's your test. Rub the print and if it sticks, you should be okay.
The only reason I would be reluctant to run a paper through a laser would be
if it was leaving too many bits and pieces behind.
DT Fletcher

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