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Re: papyrus in laser printer

Thanks for the info, DT.

The options I have on my printer driver (HP LaserJet 5L) are either 300 dpi
or 600 dpi; and econo-mode off or on. In the advances settings I can adjust
toner density, contrast and brightness on sliding scales. I always have it
set at 600 dpi and econo-mdoe off. I thought I would just give it a go with
toner density on high and at 600 dpi. But I wondered if you knew anything
about the rubbish it may leave behind. I have heard that it leaves scraps
of papyrus fibre on your corona wire. And I wondered if this was something
that could be cleaned with a service to my printer or if it will do lasting
damage to it.

It is kind of ironical to use laser printer technology in combination with
papyrus but I am doing a recreation of one of the Nag Hammadi codices and
thought I may as well put something on the pages as leave them blank. And
I'm not much good with a pen or whatever scribes used in the fourth century.

Thanks again.


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