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Re: Papyrus

Hi all,

Having made the journey from Vandercooks and Platen Presses in a fine art
print studio to graphic design in a 'modern' studio with networked Fiery
printers-I took great delight in the question regarding running papyrus
through a laserprinter. What a wonderful, ridiculas thing to attempt! We
should notify Adobe and Apple, perhaps HP and Epson as well of the need to
include 'papyrus' in the papertype menu in the printer dialogue box!

I often feel bogged down by the new print technology and the rigidity of
it's structure and interface; it's a pleasure to be reminded that we have
our own agency to make whatever we like, to attempt whatever we please and
to bring a little joy and ingenuity into the world!

I'm looking forward to asking all of you for help in setting up my own
press. I now know that my do-it-yourself approach will be tolerated by your


Michael Barker

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