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Re: childrensbookMelvin the Electric Duck!!!

I have been hanging onto your e-mail to see if any one replied. I see someone
did today.

I also have done three children's books but have not had the experience of
sending them out to be printed. Could you tell be a little about what was
involved with the printing of 500 you did? Cost, what form were then in -
digital files or original art work.

We have a fellow in our area that does a series of photographic books of the
area and has them printed and bound locally. He sells them himself at local
book stores and all kinds of places. You often see him at fairs and such
signing them at an increased price. I know so one who knows him personally
and they say he makes a very nice living doing this. He is primarily a
photographer and doesn't seem to mind hocking them everywhere. I don't know
if he has a web site or not.

Have you had any other suggestions. I am interested for my self.


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