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Re: papyrus in laser printer

In a message dated 06/12/2000 12:42:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
newbowns@INTERACT.NET.AU writes:

> I have heard that it leaves scraps of papyrus fibre on your corona wire
> could be cleaned with a service to my printer or if it will do lasting
damage to it.

Hi Linda,

I have successfully put many nontraditional papers (watercolor, Canvastex,
Mi-Tientes, etc.), cloth (cotton, linen, canvas, microfiber, muslim, suede,
etc.), and bookcloth through my (now old) Epson Color Stylus, as well as my
HP 2100 laser printer.

My experience is that papyrus is brittle. You might want to take some

I have papyrus on hand. I tried bending it to determine how pliable it is and
find it isn't. It wants to split. When I simulated the "S" shape, the common
print path, it didn't split, but the papyrus crackled and buckled.

You might try ironing the papyrus--WITH THE GRAIN--onto freezer paper,
trimming to size on a paper cutter to eliminate ragged edges and secure
edges, and then set the printer on Thick Paper (Envelope setting), and if
possible, hand feed the papyrus, and open the back to let it the print pass
straight through.

I have had a problem using higher resolution. If there's a slight
slickness--which is the case with papyrus--the ink doesn't have a place to
go. The ink pools on the surface and causes a mess. I think I'd go for the
300 dpi. As in everything else, it helps to have an extra sheet of (whatever)
stock to make samples so you can compare results to achieve your desired

If I have a problem with the ink drying, I leave the copy to cure
overnight--and then spray it with two LIGHT coats of fixative. (I like Blair
No-Odor, which I buy at Aaron Bros.) That can be tedious if it's an edition.
In that case, I'd probably opt for different stock.

I have a Microsoft TrueType font called Papyrus. It's nice, but prints light.
If you choose a "light printing" font, you could perhaps go to a higher

I'm not sure it made a huge difference, but I have tried a light coat of
fixative BEFORE printing and then two more light coats afterward.

Good luck!

Mary Crest

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