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Re: transfer lettering

Not exactly what you asked, but it's a fun technique
that I often use for handmade birthday cards:

There's a neat trick you can do with a Design Art Marker
"Colorless Blender." If you're not familiar with these,
they look just like their regular markers but say
"Colorless Blender" on the side. And it must be the
single-pointed variety; the two-point kind won't work.
Different chemicals, I guess.

Anyway, here's the trick: Print the reverse of what you
want to transfer. In other words, print your type back-
wards - I don't mean reverse it out of the background.
Take the laser and put it face down on the surface
you're transferring to, and blot the tip of the marker
over the surface. Don't draw it across because you'll
smear the image. You just want to saturate the paper and
apply pressure to release the toner.

When you carefully peel the paper away, you'll get a
rustic-looking version of your type. The amount of
rustic-ness depends on how careful (and how lucky) you
are. I always make sure I have one or two to mess up.

This works best with larger type and icons, and not
at all with photographic images. It looks great on
rough surfaces like cardboard. Don't forget to breathe
in very deeply while applying the marker.

Courtney Hipp

> has anyone ever made their own transfer lettering?

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