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Re: childrensbookMelvin the Electric Duck!!!

I missed the original post, but it must have been about marketing books.

After you have your webpage all set up, be sure to head on over to
Freemarket.com and set up a shopping webpage complete with shopping cart.
Freemarket also has a bunch of good suggestions for promoting your site. It
really is a like a course at the local jr. college.  The big plus, it's free!

See my site at <A HREF="http://dtfletcher.safeshopper.com/">

I sell more books via this method than working a month of Sundays at the
local fairs/flea markets, show, etc.

Put your books up for auction at Ebay.  Put the starting price at your lowest
wholesale price. Treat every customer like a potential gold mine. Ship within
24hrs, etc.

Using whatever hook you have in your books that makes them special, figure
out right keywords that makes your site pop up on the search engines. Learn
about the search engines.  Freemarket.com has a good auto submit site, but
there are many others. Probably 50% of my new customers start out by saying,
" I was searching on Crosman and found your website....."  So, even though I
write about airguns. Nobody would ever find me amongst such a common word, I
concentrate on getting my site associated in the search engines with Crosman,
Crosman this, Crosman that, crosman, crossman, Crosman Arms, Crosman Corp.,
Crosman corporation, crossman corp.  etc and so forth.   The most important
part of your website are the meta statements.

Newsgroups- findout the newsgroups that have any relationship to your books.
Get on those newsgroups, join the discussion groups, chat rooms, etc.  Don't
spam 'em right off and get in trouble. But, if you have product that they
like, they can be your best friends.

Good luck
Dean Fletcher

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Crosman Arms and every airgun model they produced in their first 75 years of
operation. Only $31 plus $4 postage  - Money Orders, Personal Checks,Visa,
MC, Discover accepted.
DT Fletcher
6720 NE Rodney Ave.
Portland, OR 97211
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