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Canadian kvetching

>   Ha! My favourite* personal US/Canadian cultural exchange was when a guy I
>   was working with in upstate New York asked me if I spoke (in all
>   seriousness) 'Canadian'!

The boorish American provincial dunderhead center of the universe! Well, that's
a new one!

I'd like to post a message especially for all the many Canadian subscribers who
think, as Michael seems to, that (many, some, all ??) Americans are loutish
oafs--but ... quel dommage! I don't know French well enough to compose a proper
bilingual (--French en haute, s'il vous plait--) messagae to get permission from
the Montreal Politburo for Linguistic Purity and Parity.

Everybody has a story of how ____________ the __________ese person acted, *just
like the caricatures in the cine!* Snooty Frenchies worried about their
evaporating cultural ascendency, up-tight Brits upon whose empire the sun sets
often each day, hot-blooded Latins, cha cha cha, etc.

Michael Brady

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