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Re: Manipulated leather & cast paper

Dorothy and y'all:

I have used the wet leather manipulation (before mountint on the books).
It's great fun and works well with a supple, thin leather. In the "Fear of
Leather" workshop I teach, we cover all kinds of leather shoving-around.

I have also produced a low relief cast paper inset on the cover of a book.
Using a wax or plaster mold, one can do an entire edition quite easily.
Abaca or flax makes a challenging, but effective base pulp for this,
although plain cotton sized in the pulp, and then finished with an acrylic
medium comes out quite sturdy for a cover.


Pat Baldwin


At 04:13 PM 06/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> Actually, Peter and the list, while I was watching Tony Cains do his
>wet leather manipulation .....

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