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Bookbinding 2000 - Tony Cains

>Are the turn-ins smooth?

Yes, because the leather is only manipulated on the board and worked flat
at the turn-ins. In doing so he pulled, pinched, squeezed, twisted... the
well wetted and pasted out leather. It goes without saying that the leather
was oversized, and only pared at the headcaps and then corners. Those
interested should have the basics of leather work down and know how to work
with the material first...

>Does a quick nip in the press flatten out the

Book does not go into the press. Rather, thick felts are put on top and
bottom with light weight. One of the ways he mentioned it could be done was
in three steps: Front, spine, back (or reversed). In the example he did on
stage, under the lights he did it in that order and liked (as did most
others) the back better. That's also why some (my included) sew the bottom
endband first, or tool the back first...

>Or is the book dried under weights and not put in a press at all?

It was great to watch. You can see examples of  this technique in the book,
"Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century," by Roy Harley Lewis. New York:
Arco Publishing, Inc., 1985. You can find several examples in this by Tony
Cains and Edgar Mansfield (made it known) . There were numerous copies
available for sale via Bookfinder.com <http://www.bookfinder.com> for about
$15. Just put in author and title and you'll get clean results. There is
also an exhibition catalog with a very similar name from a 1979 show at the
Hunt Botanical Garden Library at CMU. This is also well worth having, but
costs about $25... To see what Tony Cains was talking about, see the first

>The whole process is very interesting.

It was great to see and I've already started a book I want to try it on...
Alas though, so little time.


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