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Re: Bookbinding 2000 - Tony Cains

The leather he was using was tanned goat, but I've also seen illustrated
and real examples in alum-tawed goat. Haven't seen any examples in calf. My
guess is it wouldn't be as interesting because of the lack of grain. It
also bruises much easier.

Thank you Jane for mentioning that he pastes out the board too. This is
also something Don Etherington did. Their reasoning was that it gives more
time to manipulate the leather. A dry board tends to suck the moisture out
of the pasted leather faster.

As for avoiding certain areas, I haven't really noticed that using fringe
areas noticeably increases "warpage." Remember, you will need to
counterline the boards, and the amount that you stretch the leather will
have more of an impact than the area of skin. Another factor NOT to be
underestimated is how one makes their boards. Does one use a single piece
of Davey board or build it up in layers, grain parallel or cross... I try
to avoid fringes, but for reasons of paring ease (leather sometimes harder,
or stretchier) or appearance. Of course modelling the leather as he does
some of these imperfections might be desireable/attractive.

Missing postings? Haven't noticed any problems, and the archive reflects
what I've gotten. Remember, you can always see what was sent by going to
the archive. The URL is in the message header/footer of all list messages
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to be sent to a different address than postings to the list, and I ignore
them if they are.


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