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Re: Scanning


Sounds like you should look more deeply into your photoshop tools. The
'pail' can fill every pixel in an image, regardless of their value, if you
set the options for the tool to 255 tolerance. Double click the tool to
discover the options box.

Better though for your goal are the levels or curves dialog boxes. Either
one has a set of eyedroppers to click in your image to set a white, black
and mid point. The will often take care of removing some color shift
problems too.

To long to teach all this stuff in a public email. Check your manual. If you
don't have one, what are you doing with pirated software? ;-)

Good luck

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

phone: (510) 537-9711
toll free: (877) 443-7326

>Also, is there an easy way to get rid of the background color in one =
>command instead of erasing it one block at a time?
>My scanner is HP Scanjet 4p and the graphics programs I use are Paint, =
>Photoshop, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.  I've tried the 'pail' to fill in but =
>it leaves only a dot at a click; the 'eraser' but that's one bit at a =
>time.  I've tried instant fix, and color balance and brightener but =
>nothing so far has worked. =20

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