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Re: Fw: Scanning

At 07:19 PM 6/14/2000 -0400, ANGEE wrote:
>Also, is there an easy way to get rid of the background color in one =
>command instead of erasing it one block at a time?

There's two easy ways in Photoshop (amongst various others, actually)...

Assuming that the background is pretty well one consistent colour, and if
everything else (that you want to keep in the picture) is a different
colour, then you could just go Select -> Color Range, and then with the
slider starting at "0", use the eyedropper in that pop-up menu to select
the background colour -- and you may want to *temporarily* invert the
selection then, so that you can see how much you're keeping and not just
what you're getting rid of -- then move the slider up just a *little* bit
at a time until you've gotten rid of the background in all it's various
super-minor shades. Then uninvert your selection (if you inverted it at
first), make sure your background colour is the colour you want your
background to be, and then hit your delete key (or, alternatively, go in
Edit -> Clear).

You can also do it in a similar way through the same route, but once you're
in that menu and have used the eyedropper to select the colour you want,
then pick the eyedropper with the plus sign ("+") and keep your slider at
"0", and then add colours that way.

Play and learn! That's the only way to do it!

The second method is to basically use the magic wand too. If you
double-click on that tool (or any tool) in the menu bar, it'll immediately
pop up the user options for that tool. Try setting it at 4 or something (if
you could get away with 0, that would be *perfect*!) and then select an
area that you want to get rid of. Then, holding your shift key down, just
keep selecting more areas if there's any more you want to get rid of, and
those will be added to your previous selection(s).

And then, as above, make sure your background colour is the one you want,
etc. etc. etc.

Hope that makes sense, and hope it helps! There's other ways of going about
it, too... but whatever.<g>  Either of those methods should do you just fine.

Oh, and never mind PhotoDeluxe -- that's just a VERY toned down version of
Photoshop (you might as well just uninstall it, I'd say, since there's
nothing you can do in that program that can't be done in Photoshop, never
mind a hundred zillion things more).

And as for Paint's abilities as a graphics manipulation program... oh, you
don't even want me to go there...

Ron ;)

Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue.
Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they
really are or people might think we're stupid. - Jules Feiffer

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