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Advice sought concerning aged paper

 It sounds like you owe a large donation to the Paper Gods who have
smiled on you, Peter Krantz!  Sure sounds like the mother lode to me,
and the mills you mention are all highly reputable so I wouldn't sweat
the quality issue if I were you.  If it has been sitting around for
forty years and is still in pristine condition it ain't cheap wood pulp.
What I am curious about is the reference you make to handmade paper not
having grain, which is certainly contrary to my experience. Some poured
papers have a less pronounced grain, but any laid paper is bound to have
grain, handmade or machine, surely?  Nor is it true that a machine made
paper is inferior to a handmade, depends on materials and skills.  It is
quite possible to make lousy stuff by hand--why, I've done it many times
I assure you--though I would usually choose a fine handmade over a
machine made paper.  I would say the choice depends on the nature of the
paper in the textblock you are working on more than individual
   Congratulations on this stroke of very fine luck.
 Dorothy Africa

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