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Re: Plywood boards

Yes, plywood is made with formaldehyde (and numerous other substances). =

Indoor and outdoor plywoods differ in regard to specifics.  As I recall,
formaldehyde, at least the type used in making plywood, can be a

In general, all woods give off acidic gases.  The amount varies depending=

on the type of wood.  There is an excellent study of the effects of wood
cabinets used as housing for museum arifacts in the Journal of the Americ=
Institute for Conservation.  The museum staff was unable to seal the wood=

to prevent off-gassing of acids and, therefore, the resulting aging of
materials.  I will find the reference if there is interest.

I don't know if an alkaline barrier layer would be sufficient to countera=
the acids in the wood, but if an inflexible support is needed, I would
laminate alkaline boards cross-grain to obtain the effect.


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"I'm under the impression that plywood lets off a gas which is harmful to=

leather and paper. Is there an authoritative opinion on that?

Yehuda Miklaf

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