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Re: Plywood boards

At 03:35 PM 15-06-2000 +0300, you wrote:
>I'm under the impression that plywood lets off a gas which is harmful to
>leather and paper. Is there an authoritative opinion on that?

 All woods offgas, some more than others. In addition, there is some
concern about the adhesives used in plywood manufacture. In the museum
setting, wood is not considered a desirable storage material; if it is
used, it has to be sealed with something that is not in itself harmful, and
allowed to cure long enough that gasses released in the drying process are
no longer present. I am no authority, but if you go to the Conservation
Online website, you can search the archives of the Cons DistList for
information. http://palimpsest.stanford.edu. Otherwise, I'd contact the
maker of the plywood in question for an MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet.
Anne T. Lane, Registrar
Museum of York County
4621 Mount Gallant Road,
Rock Hill, SC 29732-9905
803-329-2121, ext. 104
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