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Book Arts around the world

I have just joined the list and I have a general
question that I hope to receive advice on.

I will be a senior next year at Oberlin College, in
Ohio, and I am applying for a Watson Fellowship. I
want to develop a proposal to study bookmaking in
various countries around the world. Right now I am in
the midst of doing research for this proposal, and I
am trying to locate and make contacts with communities
in other countries that are actively involved with
bookmaking. I am interested both in 'traditional'
methods and contemporary book artists.

My search is broad, as I would be willing to go just
about anywhere to explore this topic.  I am most
interested in East Asia, South or Central America and
Eastern Europe. However, my priority right now is to
locate communities or centers that would be willing to
let me participate in their operations, or ideally, do
an apprenticeship for an extended period of time.

If anyone has any advice as to good places to contact,
I would greatly appreciate any input you could give

Thank you,

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