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Re: Advice sought concerning aged paper

conservation supply stores, like University products for example, have
pens that can tell if the paper is acidic.

Peter N Krantz wrote:
> Greetings to the List from Australia.
> We should like to ask a question to the group, but first, may we
> indulge you with a preamble?
> We have recently acquired a large quantity of wove papers, originating
> from English and Italian paper mills.  Some are still in their
> original packaging, as shipped from the mills in Europe, whilst others
> are loose sheets.  The sizes vary, but are as large as one might
> purchase from an artist supply shop.  They have been sitting in a
> warehouse for about 40 years, and have not been touched.  Some have
> soiled edges and margins, due to accumulated dust, and some are
> slightly faded.  Most are in VG condition.  All are uncoated, and
> ivory or cream in colour, except one paper, which is light yellow in
> colour.
> The papers are from the following mills:
> Fabriano, in Italy (name watermarked)
> T.H. Saunders (name watermarked, including the year 1959).  Two
> distinct weights
> J. Green (probably J. Barcham Green)  (name is small blind-embossed in
> corner)
> Grosvenor Chater Ltd (no watermarkings)
> The weights range from about 110 to about 180 grams per square metre,
> which, in non-metric terms, loosely means a range from good endpaper
> paper, to good artist or limited edition printable paper.  The first
> three named papers are deckle edged, and are probably cylinder made,
> but they are all superior quality.  It would appear that they are not
> hand made, because they have a grain.  (Do we have this correct?)
> They also have surfaces which are not pressed smooth, like many modern
> papers.
> In relation to the lower-weighted papers particularly, we would like
> to use them as endpapers.  We find that they easily suit the ambience
> and feel of old books.  When restoring C18th, C19th and to some extent
> C20th books, and particularly when constructing sophisticated
> endpapers, sometimes requiring 4-6 folded sheets per book, it is
> important that the paper used be in sympathy with the rest of the
> book, and not appear our of character.  A number of these papers are
> suitable from this point of view.
> The question:
> Would any of the learned group like to comment on the use of this old
> paper in old books being restored, from valuable C18th and C19th
> works, through to the large family Bibles of the latter half of the
> C19th.  Does anyone know whether the paper from this period (1950-60),
> is considered "good" quality, and archivally sound?  This is the
> crucial point.
> If you have got this far, well, that is good, for your attention span
> must be excellent!
> Your comments are appreciated.  It seems a pity not to put such
> quality paper to good use.  Had we not acquired it, the intention of
> the previous owner was to....give the paper to some of the local
> kindergartens for drawing on!!
> Peter Krantz.
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